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2023 Small Value Procurement - Bid Notice Abstract

RN9398269 - Replacement of Parts of Portable X-Ray Machine Brand: Siemens/BMobilett Elara Max

RN9398350 - Replacement of Parts of Digital Xray - Fujifilm/Japan

RN9398474 - Replacement of Parts of 3D/4D Ultrasound Machine Brand: GE/Voluson S6

RN9399256 - Quarterly Preventive Maintenance of 550 KVA Generator Set

RN9399312 - Quarterly Preventive Maintanance of Fire Sprinkler System of VMC

RN9408230 - Meals and Venue for the conduct of Orientation/Cascading of SPMS on January 27, 2023

RN9409185 - Supply and Delivery of Sterile Water for Injection, 1L (Failed item fro PBVMC2023-008)

RN9416369 - Various Laboratory Supplies

RN9416460 - Dental Supplies

RN9416505 - Patch Test Kit

RN9417621 - Replacement, Installation of Parts and Load Testing of Elevator

RN9417653 - Monthly Preventive Maintenance Service of Elevator

RN9428881 - Construction of Access Road and Concrete Pavement at VMC Motorpool Area

RN9428938 - Portable Wireless Speaker

RN9428959 - Various LED Lights